Mysterious unmarked package sets off bomb scare at Kediri market, Tabanan

Just after a teen in the US made big headlines when his school mistook what he claimed to be a homemade clock for a bomb, Bali had a bomb scare of its own. 

The atmosphere at Kediri Market, Tabanan was tense yesterday after the owner of a grocery store found a small package that he suspected was a bomb. 

“It was around 6:05 pm when I was closing up the shop. In the back, I saw the package in a black and white plastic bag. I thought it was something left from the store, and I took it and was shocked,” I Made Astawa, 49, told Tribun Bali

He explained to Tribun that he instinctively thought it was a bomb because the package contained a battery and an alarm clock that was running. He says he immediately contacted the police station in Kediri. 

The bomb squad reportedly arrived at the scene at 7:15 pm to examine the package and deem whether it was hazardous or not, and to also conduct a search around the area to search if there were any similar bomb-like objects. 

After about two and a half hours, the bomb squad determined that the package did not contain any explosives. 

“So certainly the object is not a bomb,” Leo Martin Pasaribu of Tabanan Police told Tribun. 

Nevertheless, police are still further investigating whether or not the placement of a bomb-like object was placed in the market intentionally or not.

Illustration: Pixabay

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