Money changer employee in Denpasar manages to foil robbery attempt even after being stabbed

(Screenshot: Infodenpasar / Instagram)
(Screenshot: Infodenpasar / Instagram)

An employee of a money exchange in Denpasar was reportedly stabbed during a robbery attempt yesterday, but, remarkably, managed to fight back empty-handed, get help and thwart the thief. 

The thief, identified as GA by local media outlets, pretended to be an employee of state electricity company PLN who had supposedly gone to the money exchange to “check the meter.” Instead, GA suddenly went to the counter and stabbed an employee, who has been identified as MB. 

“Around 4pm, the perpetrator went inside [the money exchange] wearing a helmet and a jacket, saying he wanted to check the electricity [meter]. But he suddenly headed to the [counter] and stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife, twice in the shoulder,” a witness, identified as Pras, told Suara Pembaruan. 

Even though he was injured, MB still fought back in an attempt to run out to the streets and get help. 

“The victim fought back with nothing in his hands so that he could escape the perpetrator and ask for help from people on the streets,” Pras said. 

Another witness, identified as Hendra, told Tribun-Bali that MB’s shoulder was bleeding by the time he exited the money exchange. 

“I was at the shop next door and I heard the victim’s cry for help. I saw that he was all bloodied, which scared me so I also asked for help from the people nearby,” Hendra said. 

Local residents soon surrounded the money exchange and reportedly stopped GA, who is believed to be from Jakarta, from being able to leave until police were called to the scene. 

According to Tribun-Bali, authorities then took him to the West Denpasar Police, while MB was taken to Sanglah General Hospital for treatment.

In a video uploaded by @infodenpasar, a man who appears to be GA can be seen lying on the floor, supposedly surrounded by authorities before he was taken to the police station. 


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