Missing woman found living with her suspected ‘Facebook Fraudster’, plans to marry him and divorce husband

The woman that was reported missing on Tuesday 9 June has been found in Tabanan, reportedly living in a rented property with the man that was thought to have duped her on Facebook, Tribun Bali reported.

The woman was reported missing by her older sibling and her disappearance was suspected to be linked to a man who had duped her on Facebook by borrowing 15 million rupiah to start a business. 

With the tragic ending suffered by eight-year-old Engeline, we were rather apprehensive upon hearing the news of another missing person. But it turns out that she had ran away from home and that her and the man who was initially thought to have duped her on Facebook were actually a romantic item. The secretive nature of their relationship might have something to do with the fact that this woman is already married, though she is often left alone in Bali as her husband works in a yacht. 

Tribun Bali reported that Kadek Anggriani (the woman reported missing) and Putu Ediana (the man she met on Facebook) actually met each other at a temple ceremony a year ago. The two kept in touch via Facebook and Blackberry Messenger, although Anggriani initially didn’t respond to any of his messages, according to Tribun Bali. All along, apparently Anggriani has secretly harbored romantic feelings towards Ediana. 

Ediana had also supposedly borrowed money from Anggriani several times, claiming that he was a student at the College of Health Sciences Bali and needed money while waiting for his parents to transfer him some funds. Ediana reportedly promised to pay back the money, but when Anggriani asked for the money he was unable to do so. 

Anggriani reportedly became worried because he was suddenly uncontactable. When she finally did get in touch, eventually she stopped pursuing the money and instead developed a more intimate relationship with Ediana.  

On Monday 8 June, Ediana supposedly told Anggriani that he wanted to commit suicide. Anggriani went to stop him on Tuesday 9 June, the day she was reported missing by her older sibling. 

Anggriani told the police, according to Tribun, that her disappearance was “consensual” and that she and Ediana plan to marry, as soon as Anggriani divorces her husband (whom she has been married to for a year).
Police told Tribun Bali that they’re still “investigating the case further”.

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