Man in critical condition after reportedly trying to break up alleged drunken brawl in Kerobokan

A video that became viral over the weekend showed the aftermath of the incident. Screengrabs: Facebook
A video that became viral over the weekend showed the aftermath of the incident. Screengrabs: Facebook

A man identified by his initials AA is reportedly in critical condition after he was attacked along with two others late on Friday night in Kerobokan. Reports from local media cited the police as saying that the perpetrators had been under the influence of alcohol. 

“The problem had been liquor, which led to a misunderstanding,” Laorens R. Heselo from the Badung Police told Tribun-Bali yesterday.

“There were two perpetrators, and they confessed to their deeds. We are still investigating the case.” 

The incident, which took place at an employee quarter in Kerobokan, became viral over the weekend, after a footage filming the aftermath was widely shared on social media. One video showed splashes of blood at the scene of the alleged crime, while another showed a man believed to be one of the victims being carried. 

As reported by Tribun-Bali, three people were identified as victims of the incident: 42-year-old AA, as well as DA and S, both of whom are 20 years old. 

AA is reportedly in critical condition, and currently under intensive care at the Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar. 

According to Agus Antara, a security guard from across the street of the employee quarter who then helped take AA to the nearest hospital, the victim was slashed on his head and that his wound was big enough to fit a hand. 

In addition, the same report identified two men, SSO and SAO, who are believed to be siblings, as the perpetrators. 

AA is reportedly manager of the building. He is believed to have been trying to break up a drunken brawl that was happening that night, but was unfortunately caught in the middle and slashed in the process.

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