Letter threatens terror in Bali, claims to be from Jakarta attackers’ network

An anonymous letter suggests that Bali may be the next target of the terrorists behind last week’s attack in central Jakarta. 

The letter, threatening the Balinese cities of Denpasar and Singaraja, was hand delivered on Monday by a middle-aged man to a local government office in North Bali’s Buleleng regency.

Tribun Bali is reporting that the letter’s messenger appeared to be around 40 years old, had a thin mustache, was wearing a black jacket and blue jeans, had a purple KYT brand helmet, and rode a motorbike with an AG license plate—identified as an East Java plate.

Officials apparently had no idea what the letter contained and by the time they opened it, the messenger had already taken off. 

“When the letter was opened by administration staff the situation turned quite chaotic,” Buleleng Police Chief Heri Heriyadi told Fairfax Media.

“It was a threatening letter, one of our team was there, saw the letter and the ruckus, they immediately took the letter and witnesses to police station, so we can do an immediate follow up.”

It says that the Jakarta attackers are “ready to blow up these cities in the name of Allah,” adding that “Our members are currently present in Denpasar and Singaraja.” Shopping centers, offices, and tourism destinations would apparently be targeted. 

Bali Police is doing a full investigation including interviewing witnesses and going through CCTV footage. 

“Regardless of whether the letter is serious or not, we always take it seriously,” Heriyadi said. 

He added that Bali has been put on the highest possible alert level for a terrorist attack following the Jakarta’s Sarinah attack on Jan. 14. 

A photo of the threatening letter posted to Twitter:



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