Light It Up: Bali customs burns prohibited goods confiscated in 2016, including drugs, electronics, sex toys (VIDEO)

Customs officers light up hundreds of illegal goods confiscated in Bali. Photo: Still from YouTube

The customs office at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport just destroyed a bunch of prohibited goods that were confiscated from passengers and cargo over the course of 2016.

In line with Indonesian customs tradition, it was basically a big bonfire, as customs officers burned, cut, and smashed all 468 illegal items.

“The goods have an estimated value of Rp 293 million,”  Ngurah Rai Customs and Excise chief Budi Harjanto told Antara Bali on Wednesday.

“The items became property of the government,” Harjanto said.

The items reportedly included all sorts of stuff customs confiscated, ranging from electronics to drugs to magazines to agricultural products, animal horns, and sex toys

Check out some scenes from the ‘burn party’ here:

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