Klungkung police officers face disciplinary hearings after testing positive for narcotics

Three officers from Klungkung police had to undergo disciplinary hearings since they tested positive for narcotics last year. 

During the hearing on Monday, all three reportedly admitted to previously consuming drugs.

The results came out from urine testing done in 2015 by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) Bali Province. 

The nakal officers have been identified in a Tribun Bali report as Tri Wibowo (Sat Tahti), Brigadier Ketut Alit Mahardika (Sabhara), and Chief Police Brigadier Muhamad Mahendra Putra (Reskrim). 

Why did they use? Mahardika claimed the drugs made him more semangat, aka increased stamina and helped him stay awake late during temple ceremonies. Putra said he had caved into peer pressure, while Wibowo provided the same defense and also said it could supplement his income. 

The positive drug tests will go down in their files, while all three will also be barred from police specialist training for the next six months. Wibowo’s extra lucky since he apparently had a previous disciplinary record—he gets to stay in a holding cell of Klungkung Propam (police internal affairs). 

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