Indonesian cyclists ride 1500 km from West Java to Bali on old school roadsters

A group of Indonesian cyclists are ridin onthel all the way from West Java to Bali. Photo: IVCA 2018

A group of 10 Indonesian cyclists are traveling across Java to Bali, riding old school roadsters.

Touring from Anyer, West Java to Sanur for a distance of 1500 kilometers on onthel, as the bikes are locally known, the group is due to arrive in Bali next week on April 12 for a special three-day cycling event, the 38th International Veteran Cycling Association (IVCA), the first of its kind held in Asia.

The group departed from Anyer on 24 March and stopped over in Lamongan, East Java on Monday, Irmanov, IVCA director told Tribun Bali.

Irmanov estimates that it will take the group 20 days to complete the cycling tour and that the group includes a woman and members of varying ages.

“The oldest member is 60 years old,” he said.

The onthel in the group are of various makes, including Fongers and Sunbeam. The oldest antique bicycle in the group is from the 1940s.

The biggest events of IVCA set for the gathering are set to fall on April 14-15, where thousands of Indonesian antique bicycle enthusiasts are slated to rally.

“There will be thousands of onthel bicycle lovers from Indonesia and from all over the world,” Irmanov said.

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