Helping Hand: Police officer unloads heavy baskets of oranges for Balinese woman (VIDEO)

Photo: Humas Bangli
Photo: Humas Bangli

Police in Bali sure like to mix it up. In just the past 24 hours, we’ve had one traffic cop make a motorbike taxi driver drop-down on the crosswalk and do pushups over a minor violation, and now this little gem from Bali’s rural Bangli regency.

In a couple of videos posted to Instagram on Thursday, a Bangli patrol officer is shown parking his motorcycle so he can help an “old” lady unload baskets of oranges into the back of a pickup truck.

Yes, the video was posted by Bangli Police’s public relations Instagram account, so the whole thing could be a publicity stunt, but first, who has time for that, and second, at least this woman got something out of it.

And “maybe he shouldn’t have parked so far on the edge of the road,” joked one commenter. Police in Bali can be sticklers for parking in the “wrong” area or in spots too far out from the curb, though that’s usually in more urban areas.

“Officer Dewa Gede Ariana helps the mother lift oranges to the vehicle. This was done while patrolling the Kintamani area. Seeing the mother, he immediately helped her lift the oranges on Thursday. We will always be present at the center of the community,” reads the caption posted by Bangli Police’s IG account.

For those not familiar, Kintamani is known for its orange farming.

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