Good Doggo: Tabanan gas canister theft attempt thwarted by barking dog

A Bali dog for illustration purposes only. Photo: Pexels/Alexandra Johansson
A Bali dog for illustration purposes only. Photo: Pexels/Alexandra Johansson

All dogs go to heaven. A gas canister theft attempt in Tabanan last week was botched by a pet dog, who barked at the burglar and alerted inhabitants of the house.

Kerambitan Police Chief Bambang Gede Arta said today the theft attempt took place last Sunday at IKO’s residence in Kukuh Village. The suspect was identified by her initials NNS. 

IKO jolted awake startled after hearing his dog barking at someone at around 5:30am. He got up to look around his house and noticed his gas canister, which was connected to the stove, had disappeared.

IKO then went out and saw a parked motorbike and the stolen gas canister. He went back inside and turned on the lights. NNS then came out of his storage room carrying another 3-kilogram gas canister in her hands.

“The suspect was caught red-handed and was then reported to the police,” Bambang said.

There were no charges brought against NNS as IKO took pity on her after learning that the 44-year-old woman’s husband had left her and their two kids without leaving them much to survive.

“The victim felt very sorry [toward NNS]. His loss was under IDR200,000 (about US$14). So the two decided to come to a peaceful settlement,” Bambang said, adding that while the case was resolved amicably, theft can never be justified.

The canine’s part in thwarting the gas canister theft sheds dogs in a positive light, especially as Bali still has a complicated relationship with our furry friends amid soaring rabies cases and the occasional dog killings.

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