Furious man receiving torn package gets flak from netizens after filming himself cussing out Bali courier (VIDEO)

Overreaction, much? Still of a viral post from “Wisnu Wizz” via Facebook.
Overreaction, much? Still of a viral post from “Wisnu Wizz” via Facebook.

A man in Bali receiving a torn package from Indonesian courier service JNE thought it would be a good idea to get proof of his item’s condition, so naturally, he filmed a video of himself cussing out the deliveryman.

But the joke’s on him, as hundreds of netizens have commented and reposted the video, calling him out for his unnecessarily cruel response to the situation and giving kudos to the deliveryman for being so patient and just taking the outburst.

From just on one viral posting collection site, Berita Viral, the post has been shared over 15,500 times as of Monday afternoon.

“Applause to (the courier) for being so patient. Thank God I never had such a customer,” wrote one commenter.

“What an arrogant person,” wrote another, referring to the OP.

“The one who’s shouting is the defective one,” commented another netizen.

The video was originally posted on Oct. 27 by a Facebook account belonging to Wisnu Wizz, the recipient of the package with the comment “Fucking JNE, the stuff sent is ripped. Is there someone responsible.”

He also used the following hashtags: #jnetabanan, #jne, jnepusat, and for good measure, #fuckjne.

In the videos, a man shows that there’s a hole in his package and demands that the JNE courier explain what happened to the box. When the driver says he’s not sure, the OP doesn’t accept that and continues to berate him, even telling him to have his manager come to his house.

To be fair, no one’s going to want to receive damaged goods, but the overriding consensus amongst commenters is that the man’s reaction is so clearly disproportionate to the situation. 

As many a number of netizens pointed out, he at least could have checked the contents of the package first to see if anything was broken or damaged—since all that can be seen in the video is the torn cardboard box—before firing off at the courier.

Berita Viral said it best in their comment for the post:

“If you want to make a complaint, there’s a procedure. It does not have be shouted in that way.

“The messenger is a human being who has feelings too. You could have opened it together to check if the items are damaged or lost while the video was being recorded for proof.”

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