Feeling the Jokowi Love: Song praising Indonesian president comes from Balinese singer, composer (VIDEO)

A still from “Joko Wi”, a video posted to Facebook by Jembrana musician “Mr Rayen”.
A still from “Joko Wi”, a video posted to Facebook by Jembrana musician “Mr Rayen”.

A song singing Indonesian president Joko Widodo’s praises that’s starting to go viral on Indonesian social media can be traced back to Bali’s Jembrana regency.

Entitled “Joko Wi”, the song was posted to Facebook on Saturday by Jembrana musician “Rayen Rav’vy”, aka “Mr Rayen”. Local man Abel Dipayana was tagged as the song’s arranger and composer.

“Ayo pilihlahy Jokowi,” instructs the song, which translates to “come on, choose Jokowi.”

Another lyric says “Jokowi… putra terbaik bangsa,” meaning the “Jokowi… the nation’s best son.”

“At first, I wanted to make a song about nationalism, but somehow, it ended up being about Jokowi,” Rayen writes on Facebook.

“Maybe that’s because the figure is beloved by the people,” he explained, adding that the full video “Jokowi Kerja” is soon on the way.

Some of the “Joko Wi” video are clips from a couple of national TV stations.

“Since he was the mayor of Solo, I have really admired him, so suddenly, this Joko Wi song appeared,” Rayen said, as quoted by Bali Berkarya.

Rayen says that although his song’s release comes ahead of the 2019 presidential election, he has no desire to engage in political activities—only sing about politics.

“But as a good citizen, I will use my right to vote in the upcoming 2019 legislative and presidential election. Hopefully my vote can lead to wise leaders who are pro-people and of course, anti-corruption,” he concluded.

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