Driver in fatal Legian hit and run confesses to police

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The driver in a hit-and-run accident that left a Balinese teenager dead on Saturday has turned himself over to police—after police identified it was his vehicle that plowed into the victim.

Denpasar Police have confirmed that a car driver with initials IGBP has taken responsibility for the accident that killed motorbike rider I Ketut Wisnawa off of Jl. Dewi Sri-Jl. Dewi Sri III.

The accident occurred around 3am when the victim had finished work and was heading to his house in Kuta, driving a Honda Beat motorbike, Utomo said.

Police had already identified the license plate of the car based on tips from witnesses who saw the accident unfold. They tracked down the car’s initial owner and found out it had been resold to IGBP.

“The concerned person surrendered and provided information on where the car and evidence related to the accident was. It turns out that it was already in the workshop to be repaired. We have secured it,” Denpasar Police Chief Comr. Sulistyo Utomo told Bali Post.

In his confession, IGBP says that after hitting the victim, he returned to the scene and got of his car, but then panic set in and he fled and went through a red light as local residents began gathering around the crime scene.

“The perpetrator claimed to be panicking. When the perpetrator fled, there were residents chasing him, but they did not dare to cut through the red light so they lost him.”

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