‘Drive safely’ warns Bali netizen when posting footage of man feeling up female passenger on motorbike

Watch those hands, sir! Photo: Putra Wiyasa/Facebook

People driving in Bali should be “careful” and “mindful of their surroundings” writes a man who posted a video of two foreigners engaging in some inappropriate foreplay whilst riding on a motorbike.

When you first see the video, which was posted by Facebook user Putra Wiyasa on June 22 near Denpasar, it doesn’t look like much, just like two tourists on a motorbike in Bali, a common sight.

But look carefully what the driver’s hand is doing and you’ll want to look away, but probably won’t be able to.

You can usually spot out-of-towners in Bali when they’re on the back of a motorbike because instead of holding on to the waist of the driver or just letting their hands hang, they’ll grip the bar on the back of the bike. Now, looking more closely at this video, we’ll see the female passenger isn’t gripping the back because she’s afraid of being on a motorbike, but rather, probably to restrain herself from losing herself in the moment!

Since originally posted by Wiyasa, the video has been shared over 700 times, has over 225,000 views, and has just now been covered by local newspaper, Tribun Bali.

The funny thing is that Wiyasa says in his post that he was sharing this to advise drivers to be more careful, not to scold the naughty bike riders for doing such a deed in public!

“Let’s take a moment and read this post so you can avoid all sorts of misfortune on the road! Don’t do this yourself, the video and pictures are only for example,” Wiyasa wrote in his original post.

“Many times we’ve seen a tragic accident caused by negligence, so always be smart when driving your vehicle on the main road, always make sure you check the vehicle and have complete paperwork, always adhere to traffic signs and staying to the left. Wear a helmet, wear a seatbelt, put both hands on the wheel,” Wiyasa instructs other netizens, going on to give other safety advice and telling people to share this post to always “stay far from the gates of hell.”

While Wiyasa sure had some pretty good road safety advice in there, it seems like everyone remains much more focused on the “action” pictured in his example footage and images than the actual safety aspect.

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