Doggies compete to be crowned ‘Indonesia Champion’ in Tabanan

Doggie lovers got together in Tabanan over the weekend in a bid to get their dogs certified as “Indonesia Champion”, reported Tribun Bali.

Dog owners entered their canines, who were usually given the task to guard their homes, into the two-day contest that involved a range of categories.

It includes karya guna (based on the German dog sport Schutzhund— a demanding competition based on a test that dogs have to undergo before they can be deemed fit for police-type work), agility, anatomy, fashion show, eating contest, and local showmanship (handling).

The anatomy category attracted the most competitors, with 157 doggies of all sorts of breeds taking part. There was also an exclusive competition for the Siberian Husky breed.

Speaking of exclusivity, not all Bali dogs were able enter in this competition — only doggies with official pedigree documentation from the Indonesian Canines Association (Perkin) were eligible for entry, the competition’s organizer, Tjahya Budiman, told Tribun Bali.

Budiman was also asked for his thoughts on Bali’s recent culling spree on stray dogs to counter the prevalence of rabies on the island. Unsurprisingly, the Bali Siberian Husky Lovers Club member isn’t so supportive of the initiative, saying that “not all wild dogs gets rabies” and told Tribun Bali that there are alternative methods to counter the spread of this deadly virus, such as sterilization.

The Vice Regent of Tabanan, I Komang Gede Sanjaya, hopes that the dog-lovers community will join the government’s fight against rabies. “This is a great opportunity to gather together to plan how we can make Bali free of rabies”, he concluded.

Providing that plan involves anything but unnecessary elimination of innocent bali doggies, we hope so too.

Photo: Bali Dog-Show Facebook Page

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