Despite NGO protests, Bali Police make public display of drug suspects on car free day

Police displayed 20 alleged drug offenders during car free day on Sun, March 31. Photo: @kepolrestadenpasar
Police displayed 20 alleged drug offenders during car free day on Sun, March 31. Photo: @kepolrestadenpasar

Bali Police have once again made a public spectacle of alleged drug offenders by lining them up for display during car free day (CFD). During yesterday morning’s CFD in Renon, Denpasar, 20 drug case suspects were displayed in front of the Padarakan Rumeksa Gardapati Statue as residents walked, jogged or cycled past.

At the end of last month, police coordinated a similar exhibition whereby 23 suspected dealers and users were put on show for public shaming at CFD. At the time, a number of NGOs criticized the action, saying that it contravened the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ legal concept.

Despite the comments, the police seemed undeterred yesterday as they marched the suspects into the park and made them stand behind a table of seized ecstasy, meth, and marijuana.

Denpasar Police Chief Ruddi Setiawan made a small speech at the event, explaining that the suspects on display had all been caught this month, and emphasizing his party’s firm stance against drugs-related crimes.

Setiawan also conveyed his intention of providing information on the dangers of drug abuse and types of drugs.

“These types of drugs are in the form of methamphetamine, marijuana, ecstasy and happy five so that people know and can be vigilant,” he said, as quoted by Kumparan.

The national police chief also warned drug offenders, especially foreign nationals who attempted to distribute drugs, that they would be met with strict action.

“Drugs are very dangerous for our young generation. I am waiting for the perpetrators, especially the immigrants who dare to sell drugs in Bali. I will take decisive action,” he said, as quoted by Kumparan.

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