Denpasar Police say foreign travelers should adjust and learn basics of local traffic

Photo for illustration purpose only. Photo: Anton Luzhkovsky/Unsplash
Photo for illustration purpose only. Photo: Anton Luzhkovsky/Unsplash

The Denpasar Police on Friday said foreign travelers driving in Bali should adjust and learn the basics of local traffic, highlighting that many have been apprehended for not wearing helmets. 

In 2019, Kumparan reported that a total of 17 foreigners were involved in traffic accidents in the city of Denpasar alone, two of whom died, while two others were badly injured. 

“Most often, they violate [traffic laws] by entering a prohibited area or neglected to use a helmet,” chief of the traffic unit at the Denpasar Police, Adi Sulistyo Utomo, was quoted as saying.

Adi highlighted that traffic conditions differ from one country to another, and said that foreigners need to adjust according to existing regulations and local driving habits.

He also noted that sharing this information to foreigners have been challenging, as they rent their motor vehicles on their own before immediately heading off to their holiday destinations.

So far, police said they have used banners and brochures as a way to advise good driving behavior. In addition, they are planning to reach out to travel agencies and rental companies in the future to better inform foreign visitors. 

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