Coconuts Bali Crime

Our crime section on Coconuts Bali is one of our most frequently updated news beats. Crime is abound in Bali and let’s be real—most of it is non-serious, petty crime that usually has us asking, “What was Mr. X thinking?? Like, really?” Like, why did that teenager think is was a good idea to steal all those chickens from his neighbor and sell them to buy a new motorbike? Or why did that tourist think he could get away with stuffing a bunch of cosmetics from the duty free at the airport into his pants? Crime is also the category of our site that contains the most internationally covered stories. Just every so often in Bali, there seems to be a foreigner (or several who conspire together) that get swept up in international incidents involving murder, corruption, drugs, or all of the above. These stories too often involve Aussies, but hey, not exclusively. Crime is usually not violent in Bali and you will not read about all of scuffles involving weapons, so when they do happen (usually with blades, no guns here), they do get reported on. Oh, and we would be remiss to be discussing crime in Bali and not bring up the “Hotel K” aka Kerobokan Prison, the home to Bali’s biggest and baddest criminals and also the small-time Joes. Overcrowded and supposedly a key component of Bali’s drug trade, the prison often finds its way into our crime section.

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