British tourist on Bali flight removed because of toy bomb

A toy bomb is probably not the best choice of things to stow in your luggage, especially with all the heightened security measures in Bali amongst looming ISIS and terrorist threats. 

A British tourist got pulled from a Qantas Doha-bound flight out of Bali on Sunday because a toy bomb in his luggage, according to Indonesian officials. 

David Fogli, 48, says he bought the toy bomb, sticks made to look like dynamite with a timer strapped on, at a toy shop and wanted to bring it to a New Year’s Eve party. Clearly a well thought out plan. 

Fogli claims he declared the toy to airport security officials and was told by them that he could not bring it, so he says he left it at the security check point. 

But his misadventure did not end there. Fogli’s removal from the flight was ordered by the airport’s general manager, Trikora Harjo, and he was taken for further questioning. 

“This was a very realistic toy and in the current climate, we wanted to know more about his plans,” an official said, as quoted by the Independent

Ngurah Rai Airport raised its security level to “yellow alert” after the incident. 

“Even though it’s a toy, there’s a possibility it could be used as a threat to cause problems,” 
Yusfandri Hona, head of the Denpasar airport authority, said as quoted by the Independent. 

“He should never have attempted to bring the toy with him, with current heightened security measures.

“We have so far his statement that it was for personal use, but we have to confirm that, we can’t just take his word for it.”

Police investigating the incident even went to the store where Fogli says he bought the toy bomb and found the same toy he had purchased. 

“We have cleared the passenger of any suspicions about the intent for why he wanted the item on his flight, other than it was a toy he bought,”Trikora said.

Lucky for the British tourist, he reportedly won’t be facing charges, just public humiliation in press coverage for being thoughtless enough to bring a toy bomb onto an airplane. He and his travel companion were reportedy cleared and released from custody on Monday, just before midnight—more than 24 hours after they were yanked off the Qantas plane. 

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