Balinese teen killed in hit and run at Jl. Dewi Sri

Jl. Dewi Sri on Google Maps Street View

UPDATE Driver in fatal Legian hit and run confesses to police

A Balinese teenager was killed in a hit and run accident in Bali’s Legian area in the early hours of Saturday.

Denpasar Police say they are working to track down the person driving a car that hit I Ketut Wisnawa off of Jl. Dewi Sri-Jl. Dewi Sri III and left the 18-year-old for dead.

“The identity of the car is known and the data is still under investigation,” Denpasar Police Chief Comr. Adi Sulistyo Utomo told Bali Post.

The accident occurred around 3am when the victim had finished work and was heading to his house in Kuta, driving a Honda Beat motorbike, Utomo said.

“At that time, the victim was driving from north to south, while the car was headed from west to east. Upon arrival at the crime scene, the collision occurred,” the police chief explained.

Wisnawa died at the scene, due to a head injury, according to police. His body was takes to the morgue at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar.

“In conclusion, the driver of the car was not careful widen crossing. After the incident, he fled.”

It’s alleged that the driver did get out of his car to check the condition of the victim, but seeing the severity, he immediately fled the scene, Utomo added.

“It’s possible that the car’s radiator leaked due to the collision because there was spilt water. The offender’s address is being tracked down because his car has already been identified by the police.”

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