Bali teens prey on Kuta accident victim by lending a ‘helping hand’ then stealing motorbike, wallet and phone

A “helping hand.” Photo: Eielson Air Force

A group of Bali youth helped a motorbike accident victim on the Ngurah Rai By Pass then proceeded to shamelessly rob him.

Police have arrested five suspects over the incident, identified in reports as NS, 18, YAP, 16, MRZ, 17, WAST, 17, and DP, 24.

While apparently making it look like they would escort local resident Komang Sukiasa, 34, to the hospital after he fell from his motorbike, the group instead ran off with the bike, cell phone, and other valuables .

Kuta Police Chief Wayan Sumara said the incident happened back on January 20, 2017 around 4:30am but just informed the local press about it last week, since the alleged perps were finally arrested this month.

The group of five had gone out starting around 1am, split between two motorbikes when on the Ngurah Rai By Pass, they saw the victim lying on the road after an accident.

“And they did help. But right after, they took the victim’s valuables and motorbike,” Sumara said on Tuesday, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

YAP and DP helped the victim by lifting him up and carrying him to the side of the road, but when helping the victim up, DP even grabbed his watch, without the victim noticing, Sumara said.

And while the other two were helping the victim up, YS grabbed his wallet and phone and WAST went for the motorbike, which still had the key in the ignition after the crash.

The stolen motorbike was pawned for Rp 500k, while the phone, a Samsung Note 3, was sold online for Rp 800k, Sumara said. The guys apparently went on a spending spree with the cash from the stolen goods and also bought some liquor.

Local residents of the Dukuh Sari area, were the perps pawned the bike had apparently tipped off police about the suspicious bike, so police sent investigators to the area, which lead them to YS, according to Sumara.

“We secured YS. And after questioning him, we found out that he had four accomplices, namely, WAST, DP, MRZ, and YAP who were also involved.”

The adult suspect, DP, has been hit with charges carrying a max of seven years jail time, while the remaining four will be tried as minors, Sumara explained.

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