Bali teen doesn’t get IDR17 million from parents, lights Scoopy motorbike on fire in retribution

He really showed that Scoopy. Photo: Istimewa via Tribun Bali
He really showed that Scoopy. Photo: Istimewa via Tribun Bali

A Bali teen burnt his Honda Scoopy motorbike to a crisp on Wednesday after his parents refused his request for IDR17 million (US$1,234).

The unemployed 19-year-old, identified by his initials as IGPKA, asked his parents for the money around 6am to “fix his motorbike” around 6am before morning prayer.

What kind of “fixing” the teen thought he could do for IDR17 million is beyond us—that amount is plenty to buy a brand new bike from the dealer.

His parents refused, saying they didn’t have enough money for that and when they went to bathe, they smelt something burning, according to Tribun Bali’s report on the incident.

Naturally, in response, the teen apparently decided the best course of action would be to set his own bike ablaze.

When his parents asked him to put the fire out, IGPKA reportedly went on a rampage and had to be secured by local residents.

“The suspect allegedly was depressed because he wanted money to modify his motorbike, but his demands weren’t met. We have brought him to the police station for questioning,” Penebel Police Chief I Ketut Mastra Budaya said on Wednesday.

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