Bali policewomen hand out roses on Kartini Day in honor of Indonesia’s ‘first feminist’

Policewomen hand out flowers to motorcyclists on Kartini Day. Photo: Polda Bali

The women of the Bali Police force stood outside police headquarters and handed out roses to motorcyclists on Friday to mark Kartini Day.

The holiday, which falls on April 21, commemorates national heroine Raden Adjeng Kartini, widely hailed as the country’s first feminist.

Speaking as a senior officer, Bali Police Finance head, Commissioner Sukarmiyati said that handing out roses today was meant to remind women of Kartini’s legacy with the added benefit of keeping traffic under control.

“As police who are following Kartini’s legacy, we hope all people, especially women, remember Kartini’s kindness and we want to help keep our roads orderly,” Sukarmiyati said on Friday, while handing out the flowers.

“If Kartini had not struggled first, then maybe the women of today would not have come this far yet,” she added.

“Let’s keep following in Kartini’s footsteps for our nation’s progress.”

To make it even more festive, some of the policewomen even apparently donned traditional dress with their police uniforms underneath while passing out the roses.

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