Bali Police say woman who was arrested for helping employer abuse step-sister was actually also a victim

File photo showing bruises on one of the victims’ body. Photo: Yuni Rusmini / Facebook
File photo showing bruises on one of the victims’ body. Photo: Yuni Rusmini / Facebook

In an update to an ongoing investigation into the abuse of a 21-year-old domestic worker, who has been identified by her initials EF, the Bali Police said that her step-sister, SYA, who had been arrested for her alleged involvement in the abuse, was also a victim of abuse by the same employer.

“After we made the arrests, we went on to question each of them. We confirmed that SYA is the step-sister of EF, and found that she allegedly suffered abuse from her employer as well,” Sr. Comr. Andi Fairan said, as quoted by Tribun-Bali.

EF mentioned in her report of the abuse that SYA, along with her employer, identified by her initials DMW, and the house’s security guard, had poured boiling water on her. SYA said she only did so out of fear, as DMW had threatened her.

“We found scars, and she said she’s been burnt and had her hair cut (involuntarily). She admitted to having poured boiling water (on EF) because she was scared. If she did not obey, she would’ve had the same done to her. So she did it under pressure,” Andi said.

EF’s ordeal took place on the morning of May 7, when DMW asked her to find a pair of scissors. Although she looked all over the house, EF was unable to find them. As punishment, DMW poured boiling water on her, and then ordered both SYA and the security guard, KED, to do the same to EF.

EF managed to escape the house later that same day, and found refuge at a friend’s house in Nusa Penida. She finally filed a police report on Wednesday, from which the police quickly moved to arrest those involved.

As of Thursday, the Bali Police have officially named DMW and KED suspects in this case.

“The scars are almost gone now. But I didn’t dare say anything. I’ve been tied up, too,” SYA said, as quoted by Bali Post, detailing that she’s been grabbed by the hair, slapped and even punched on the daily.

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As if that weren’t enough, in a statement to the police EF also revealed that making any mistake meant her salary would be deducted, which is why shedhas not received any payment for her work, according to a report from the Jawa Pos network. Based on their work agreement, both EF and SYA should have received a monthly payment of IDR 1 million (USD 69).

EF has been working for DMW for seven months, while it is unclear if SYA has worked there longer or otherwise. Reports from local media suggest that EF went on to work for DMW under SYA’s recommendation.  

“All this time, both the victim (EF) and her stepsister were only provided food while commanded to work continuously,” Andi said.

Under Indonesia’s 2004 Law on the Elimination of Domestic Violence, DMW and KED could face up to 10 years in prison.

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