Bali nightclub boss’ sentence upped on appeal to life over massive ecstasy bust

Photo: Akasaka Bali

The boss of a Denpasar nightclub that got busted with 19,000 ecstasy pills last year has been sentenced to life in prison after his original punishment of 20 years was appealed.

Abdul Rahman “Willy” saw his sentence increased by the appellate court because of the message his case sends to the public, according to the court.

“This criminal case involving narcotics has become of national concern so it’s been categorized as a drug emergency,” chairman of the appeal assembly, Sutoyo, said in a hearing in Denpasar on Tuesday.

“As one of the pillars of law enforcement, the court’s decision must be able to provide a deterrent effect for the defendant and other actors, and as a precaution for other people who will try to commit similar crimes,” the assembly’s verdict read, as quoted by Detik.

“Considering the amount of ecstasy was quite fantastic, that is, 19,000 pills, it can be imagined and expected that if had the ecstasy been successfully circulated and consumed by the community, especially the younger generation in Bali, it would cause amazing destruction and damage to the future of the younger generation, especially in Bali, in Indonesia in general,” the verdict continued.

Moreover, Willy had previously served time for a narcotics conviction with a three year jail term, but the fact that he went back to circulating drugs on a larger scale is concerning, said the court.

The Akasaka case came to life last year when Dedi Setiawan was found to be carrying 19,000 ecstasy pills worth about IDR9.5 billion (US$673,000) on June 1, 2017. Setiawan’s trail led police to Willy who had made the order for the drugs. Willy was ultimately arrested in the lobby of Akasaka Disco on Jl. Teuku Umar on June 5, 2017.

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