Gianyar resident arrested for sexually abusing his own daughter

The girl in fifth grade of elementary school when her father first molested her. Photo: Flickr/Amnesty
The girl in fifth grade of elementary school when her father first molested her. Photo: Flickr/Amnesty

A 54-year old man from Tulikup village in Gianyar has been arrested for the repeated sexual abuse of his own daughter, who is now 6-months pregnant at the age of 16. Following a tip-off from concerned staff at a local hospital, Gianyar Police Criminal Investigation Unit made the arrest at the man’s home on Monday, Jan 14, as reported by Kumparan.

Investigations revealed that the accused, identified as I Gusti Ngurah Raka Putra, had allegedly raped his daughter, identified by her initials, IGAMS, five times. The first incident reportedly occurred when the girl was in fifth grade (age 11).

Putra claimed that his depraved actions were a result of lack of intimacy with his wife, identified as IGA Wati. According to a report in Jawa Pos, the pair had been separated since 2003 and slept in different beds in the house that they shared with their three children, the victim being the youngest sibling.

Wati worked as a brick laborer and was rarely home, leaving the house quiet for her husband to allegedlyt commit his obscene crimes on his daughter.

Reports differ as to whether the teenager appealed to her mother directly or if the older woman noticed her daughter’s growing belly and asked questions, but when Wati found out the truth, she acted quickly.

Her first reaction was to take the girl to Gianyar Family Husada Hospital with the intention of aborting the baby. However, as the pregnancy was already too far advanced, medics refused to carry out the operation. Instead, they alerted Gianyar Regional Police to the case and an arrest was made on the same day.

When questioned, Putra admitted his crimes and seemed to express remorse for his actions. “I’m very sorry for what I did, very sorry…I don’t know why I defiled my own child. I made a mistake,” he said, as quoted in Jawa Pos.

The accused is currently being held at the Gianyar Police Station and faces the threat of imprisonment with a minimum of five years and a maximum of 15 years. Meanwhile, his pregnant daughter is currently under the care of her mother.

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