Bali drivers will soon be subject to electronic traffic law enforcement, police say

An ETLE camera. Photo: NTMC Polri
An ETLE camera. Photo: NTMC Polri

Helmetless and reckless drivers are going to have to mend their ways soon enough, since authorities in Bali are starting to put up traffic cameras as they aim to implement the Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (ETLE) system later this year to catch traffic violations across the province. 

Head of Traffic Directorate at the Bali Police, Indra, said yesterday that police have installed traffic cameras at the Buagan intersection in Denpasar. Preparations are currently ongoing for  police to start implementing ETLE in the near future, which might be as soon as the end of this month. 

ETLE allows police to utilize CCTV cameras to catch and review various traffic violations, such as expired plate numbers, speeding, and driving without helmets. In Bali, the new system will be implemented in phases, starting with the main roads of Denpasar. 

“These ETLE cameras will directly catch violations by road users, and tickets will be sent to the address according to data based on their vehicle numbers; we will first conduct trial runs in four areas,” Indra said. 

The system is perceived as one of the solutions for the widespread problem across Indonesia of traffic police asking for bribes from offending motorists in lieu of tickets.

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