Bali DPRD chairman throws party with guests ignoring health protocols

Screengrabs: Instagram
Screengrabs: Instagram

The chairman of Bali’s Regional Legislative Council (DPRD) is under scrutiny for throwing a birthday party for his child, in which dozens of guests ignored physical distancing protocols and didn’t wear masks despite the fact that the rise in coronavirus cases in the province and across Indonesia have yet to slow down. 

Videos from the event made their rounds on Instagram recently, showing dozens of people in attendance. A handful of them didn’t appear to wear masks, while some had them lowered to their chins. In addition, there was barely any physical distancing in place. 


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The DPRD chairman, I Nyoman Adi Wiryatama, confirmed to local media outlet Kumparan the authenticity of those clips, saying that it was his child’s birthday and that it took place yesterday afternoon.

Adi reportedly said there were around 50 people in attendance, and the event had initially been organized to follow recommended health protocols. However, he claimed he was unable to keep tabs on everyone who was present. 

“There were more than 50 people invited, and there were people working for me too, and also youths from my hometown in Baturiti. I required them to use masks, wash their hands, and observe physical distancing,” Adi said. 

“But I can’t be on the watch for them all,” he continued, adding that he is ready to face consequences for his actions.

This is barely the first incident of a carefree event taking place amid the COVID-19 pandemic in Bali. The latest incident follows the gathering of maskless protesters on Sunday, who took to the streets of Denpasar to protest the swab and rapid test requirements, alleging that the health prerequisites were imposed as a money grab. 

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