Bali district court judge investigated over alleged affair with fellow bench-mate’s wife

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A Bali district court judge is being investigated by Indonesia’s Judicial Commission (KY) over an alleged affair with another judge’s wife.

Those entangled in the case have been identified in Indonesian reports that broke this week by their initials: District Court Judge “D” allegedly engaged with “C”, the wife of fellow bench-mate, “P”.

KY Deputy Chair Maradaman Harahap said on Wednesday that a team led by KY Judge Sukma Violetta had been sent to Bali to investigate directly.

“It’s being followed up by examining the related parties. Mrs. Sukma and the team left to investigate, so it won’t be a sudden conclusion that it was cheating,” Maradaman told CNN Indonesia.

The findings of the investigation will be discussed at a KY panel meeting later on and will determine whether the case will need to go before a litigating judge, Maradaman explained.

“Once already examined, the results will be put together with other commissioners. The conclusion will determine how heavy the violation is,” he said.

“If proven guilty, the heaviest sanction that will be accepted is dismissal,” the chairman said, adding that this should take no more than 60 days.

The ability to examine whether D had an affair is under the authority of the KY, according to Maradaman. He went on to deny that KY is “competing” with Indonesia’s Supreme Court to investigate the case—the Supreme Court Supervisory Board is also known to be exploring the alleged affair, reports local media.

While adultery is technically not a criminal offense in Indonesia, the alleged affair apparently comes down to a code of ethics violation.

“Actually, when it comes to judges’ behavior, if the the code of ethics is violated, it should indeed be reported to KY and those who have the authority to take action against KY.”

Separately, a spokesman for the Supreme Court, Abdullah, told Detik that there is an investigation looking into the alleged affair, but he could not give an update.

“There is no update yet. The inspection of the team is still ongoing and has not yet been completed,” the spokesman said.

News of the alleged affair between D and C, apparently hit after some conversations via WhatsApp were found between the two.

P married C, who was a replacement clerk, back in 2011. But things allegedly changed when, beginning in the end of 2017, D, entered into the mix and started exchanging intimate messages from the start of 2018 with C. They called each other “papa” and “mama” in WhatsApp conversations, that were reprinted by Detik.

According to the Indonesian news outlet, there’s one exchange where D propositions C for sex in the bathroom.

“Have you ever made love in the bathroom?,” D asks.

“Mama wants to make love in the bathroom with papa,” reads C’s reply.

The news outlet also quoted another exchange between the two where they spoke about everyday things, like what they were eating.

“What do you want to eat, love?”, asks D.

“I bought this rice. Bon appétit, dear. Mama also bought yellow rice, dear,” answers C.

“Hehe, same,” answers C, before the pair exchanged photos of their yellow rice.

“Just say that daddy is the first for mama,” reads another chat.

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