Bali business trip: Susi Pudjiastuti on Benoa Bay’s reclamation, tuna fishing, and batik shopping

Indonesian Minister of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries and businesswoman mogul Susi Pudjiastuti was pretty productive on her recent trip to Bali. (Yes, she is the Susi of Susi Air if you were wondering.) While in Bali, she opened the Tuna Conference 2014 at the Sheraton yesterday, but also managed to talk to publicly about the hot issue of Benoa Bay’s reclamation and her shopping list as a tourist. 

At the conference, she noted Indonesia’s growing role in the global tuna industry. She said that within the last five years, Indonesia has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of tuna, catching 1.1 millions tons per year. Tuna has the potential to rake in IDR40 trillion a year, she said, according to Detik. Talk about potential.

On the controversial topic of reclaiming Benoa Bay, Pudjiastuti said she’s against the terms oft the reclamation and we need to think about the greater consequences of altering the environment so drastically. “If there’s a better alternative, why should it be reclaimed?” Pudjiastuti asked. She added that construction in the bay could have a lot of negative repercussions and requires careful analysis and study. It’s shouldn’t be seen as just profit and lost, she said, according to Sindonews

With all the serious talk about the tuna industry and Benoa Bay, Pudjiastuti also said she wanted to get in time for some oleh-oleh shopping (duh, she’s got class). While she claims she personally doesn’t do batik, she said she would look for some Balinese-style batik to bring the fam, reported Detik

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