Baladika Bali members claim to save woman from alleged suicide attempt at GWK

A chilling image of a woman, standing on the edge of a very tall building at Gardua Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Park in Jimbaran has been shared all over Bali social media since it was posted yesterday. 

The woman, who is alleged to have been contemplating suicide at that moment, was rescued by a member of mass organization Baladika Bali, according to local newspaper Tribun Bali

Members of Baladika had been at GWK to check the location for their group’s anniversary party when they apparently saw the woman, high up on the edge. 

Facebook user “Japrak Baladika” posted the picture of the woman on the roof, as well as a frenzied video of her being escorted away from curious onlookers. She was said to have been turned over to GWK security. Let’s hope she gets the help that she seems to desperately need.


Japrak told Tribun Bali that he helped persuade her not to jump as well as bring her down so she didn’t fall.

Looking at the comments of the video, you get the feeling that this action was more successful than any publicity ploy that Baladika could have constructed to help its image—the “gang” has been in the news this year for its deadly clashes inside Kerobokan Prison with rival group Laskar Bali. 

Some comments say things like “Great, Baladika Bali has saved the life of a woman who was desperate,” or “May Baladika Bali be admired by the public, not feared by the public. Always glorious, Baladika Bali.” 

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