VIDEO: Australian arrested in Bali after grabbing Circle K employee by the neck

CCTV footage of the incident has gone viral on social media.

Australian man James Nathan, 36, has been arrested for the assault of an employee at a Circle K convenience store in Bali.

Police say that Nathan was drunk when he “choked” Sukardi, 25, the cashier at the store in Kuta on Tuesday morning.

“The suspect was in a drunken condition when he mistreated the victim, early this morning at 3:10am,” said Kuta Police Comr. I Nyoman Wirajaya, as quoted by Liputan6.

When Nathan entered the convenience store, he harassed some of the other customers present at the mini market and then grabbed Sukardi by the neck, using both hands, causing him to have difficulty breathing, Wirajaya explained.

“The victim broke away from the strangulation by fighting and resisting,” the commissioner added.

After Sukardi broke free, the perpetrator fled the scene. Sukardi, assisted by other Circle K employees and other customers went directly to report the incident to Kuta Police.

“As a result of the perpetrator, the victim is suffering from pain in his neck,” Wirajaya said.

Using CCTV footage, police tracked down Nathan to Jl. Legian, where he was arrested and then taken to Kuta Police for further questioning. Police say that the Australian has admitted to choking the victim, but have not confirmed any charges.

“Until now, we are still holding the perpetrator at Kuta Police for further examination.”

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