This Aussie expat in Bali thinks she’s found the cure to dengue

The ginger jamu next to the roots it is made from. Photo: Kunchi

A retired Australian woman living Bali thinks she has an herbal concoction that could cure dengue fever.

Rhonda Sorenson co-founded Kunchi, a farmers’ co-op that makes jamu, a traditional Indonesian tonic touted for its exceptional natural healing properties.

Sorenson, who previously worked as a microbiologist at Australia’s QBiotics, was prompted to search for a natural treatment to the mosquito-borne virus when she came down with both dengue and typhoid about a year ago in Bali.

The Aussie told the Cairns Post that her consumption of a jamu using the ginger ‘Chinese keys’ (Boesenbergia rotunda) improved her condition and stopped any lingering symptoms from dengue.

“I believe it is why I did not end up with any of the ongoing chronic symptoms common to (dengue fever),” Sorensen said.

Now Sorenson is taking the jamu recipe ‘Kunchi’ and is partnering with farmers in Petang, Badung to try and sell the tonic in shots and juices on a wider scale, to meet international standards. 

Sorenson has sought support from universities in Bali and Australia for help with clinical trials and is also using crowdfunding to back her research for the tonic’s medicinal application, according to the Cairns Post.

“The world must look to nature to solve the modern-day illnesses.

“Billions of dollars are being spent on developing vaccines, GMO mosquitoes and new synthetic drugs, and yet nature already has the answers.”

Here’s a video Sorenson helped make about Kunchi:

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