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Coconuts Bali absolutely adores animals and so we make sure we get a healthy amount of animal stories in our news rotation. Since there is a fair share of farming in Bali, a number of our animals stories end up being about livestock and developments on that front. For instance, trespassing cows were grazing over an archaeological site in West Bali, seriously creating an uproar in the community. While another time, a cargo plane carrying thousands of sheep had to make an emergency landing in Bali. But not all animal stories on our sites are about the farm type, however. Many have to do with man’s best friend, Bali dogs. As cute and sweet as they are, Bali certainly has a stray dog problem. The island is overpopulated with unwanted dogs (only so many lucky tails get adopted into loving homes). This is coupled with a rabies outbreak. Not a pretty combination. As the provincial government contemplates how to reign this situation in, there have too often been reports of dog culling, despite the government and of course many animal protection NGOs pushing for sterilization and vaccination measures, instead. In the Bali “animals” section, let’s also not forget about aquatic life, us being on an island and all. Animal updates for us sometimes include stories on endangered sea turtles—whether they are hatchlings being released into the wild or, on a sadder note, being poached and caught in the hands of smugglers. Even though we don’t see them often, whales have also been in our headlines, but usually for sad stories involving their carcasses washing up on Bali beaches.

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