American woman allegedly throws baby to her death out of moving car in Bali before attempting suicide

Photo: Selamat Made/Flickr

A two-month-old baby has died in Bali, after she was allegedly tossed out of a moving car by her American mother, Denpasar Police said.

Denpasar Police Chief Nyoman Wirajaya shared the case at a press conference on Wednesday.

Police have not yet been able to question the American woman, identified in local reports as Nicole Stasio, because she is currently hospitalized due to severe depression.

A driver and tour guide accompanying the 32-year-old woman said that Stasio leapt from the moving car on Tuesday night at an intersection in Denpasar, reports VOA Indonesia.

A group of local residents found the baby about a kilometer away from the location where Stasio had jumped out of the car. The baby was found to be seriously injured and eventually died several hours later at Bali Mandara Hospital, according to reports.

The California-born woman came Bali last July and gave birth to her baby in December, says Wirajaya.

Stasio had asked that the driver take her and her baby to Bali’s international airport, but during the ride, changed her mind and asked that they go to Ubud instead. It was on the drive to Ubud that the tragic event apparently occurred.

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