5 teens arrested for attacking motorbike taxi driver in Denpasar

Five teens suspected of brutally attacking a motorbike driver out delivering food are lined up for a press conference. Photo: Polresta Denpasar

Five teenagers have been arrested in Bali’s capital of Denpasar for assaulting and robbing a motorbike driver working for an app offering food delivery services.

Indonesian media has not yet clarified in locals news reports which app Satria Yudha Wibawa, 23, had been working for when he was ganged up on several months ago, when the attack went down, but it’s been reported that he was out for delivering food.

“It happened two months ago, exactly on May 18 at 2:30am, Denpasar Police Chief Comr. Nyoman Wirajaya announced on Thursday from Police Headquarters in Denpasar.

The suspects in the crime are all teenage students, all living in Denpasar.

“The five suspects are underage, teenagers for assailing an online motorcycle driver who was delivering food,” Wirajaya said, as quoted by Tribun Bali.

The teens apparently flagged the driver down, pretending they were looking for rokok asking him if he had a cigarette. Not a smoker, Wibawa said he didn’t have any.

“When saying he didn’t have a cigarette, because the victim does not like to smoke, he was immediately beaten by the perpetrators,” Wirajaya explained.

During the beating, the perpetrators seized his phone and fled the scene.

Wibawa reported the incident to Denpasar Police and finally, two months later, police say they have managed to uncover the identities of the perpetrators, who they have listed as OT, 16, RM, 16, DP, 14, MA, 16, and AR, 15.

It turns out the teens had sold the victim’s phone for about IDR2.5 million (US$173). They allegedly divided the money amongst themselves, using the cash for alcohol.

Arrests were made on July 5 in the suspects’ homes.

One of the suspects has a prior record, including motorbike theft.

The five teens have been charged with violating Article 365 of the Indonesian Criminal Code, which carries a minimum penalty of five years behind bars, according to Wirajaya.

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