4 charged in Klungkung nude shower clip scandal

Photo: Maxpixel
Photo: Maxpixel

The boyfriend of a 16-year-old girl in Klungkung was arrested for taking a video of the minor showering, which was leaked online. 

MSW, 19, was apprehended earlier today along with AEA, 19, by the Klungkung Police. The police had previously arrested two other suspects in the scandal, namely KCG and GK, who are both 16. 

As previously reported, the victim, KPD, who was previously reported to be 18, was on a video call with MSW, her boyfriend at the time, while she was taking a shower in April. Unbeknownst to her, he recorded the intimate moment. 

After the clip circulated online (mostly shared via WhatsApp), the victim then notified her father, who demanded answers from the ex-boyfriend. MSW, however, denied the accusation, which led to the father pressing charges on June 3.

“There are four suspects […] in the case of making and spreading poronographic content,” Klungkung Police Chief I Made Dhanuardana said.

He added that KPD was not aware that MSW was recording her in the shower until the footage leaked online.

MSW told the authorities that he made the video so he could look at it whenever he wanted.

However, MSW and KPD later broke up and he later dated KCG, who saw the video while looking through his phone on May 7. KCG immediately sent the clip to her own phone, unbeknownst to MSW.

KCG, who happens to be friends with KPD, said she intended to show the clip to the victim’s parents. At the same time, she sent the clip to her friend AEA so they have a backup file, but AEA decided to forward it to her boyfriend, GK.

“GK made an excuse that he was curious about the video and asked AEA to send it to him. After he received it, GK leaked the porn clip to a WhatsApp group. The video then went viral,” said Dhanuardana.

Under Indonesia’s Pornography Law, the suspects could face up to six years behind bars for distribution of pornographic content.

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