2 sanitation department employees arrested for extortion in Bali

Apparently not everything in the Tabanan sanitation department was being made squeaky clean by employees. 

Two employees in the Environment and Sanitation Department (DKP) Tabanan were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly committing extortion. 

The employees were identified in a report by Denpost as I Gede Jagrem and Ni Nyoman Candra Dewi. 

Both are being held in jail in Tabanan at the moment, according to reports. 

Tabanan prosecutor Atang Bawono says the two suspects were arrested because investigators feared they would try to flee and eliminate evidence important to the investigation.

He added that 41 witnesses have been questioned by investigators up to this point. Narrowing it down, Bawono said, “(Witnesses) allegedly blackmailed and who the suspected demanded money from, equal about ten people.” 

Photo: Illustration

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