WATCH: This viral video of Indonesian jazz genius Joey Alexander interspersed with scenes of Bali is delightful

It’s all good vibes, positive vibrations, and smooth melodies in a video now going viral — produced by Yasnuri Rowan, the five-minute video takes viewers through scenes of Bali, featuring the piano-playing of Indonesian teen jazz whiz Joey Alexander.

In it, Alexander plays a song called “Bali” from his May release album, Eclipse. The footage moves between showing Alexander baring his soul in the studio and the camera taking us through rice paddies, Balinese villages, temples, and more of the island, with some of the fifteen-year-old wandering through popular Bali spots. Alexander was born and raised in Bali, you see.

“This is where it all started,” writes Alexander in the caption of his video shared to Facebook last week.

“Surrounded by beautiful nature and island life, this is where jazz first entered my ears and my musical journey began. I’m grateful for that time and place, and to be able to visit.”

According to Alexander, channeling Bali with him in the studio were Eric Harland and Reuben Rogers.

Alexander was born in Bali in 2003, and though he is young, he has already been recognized by jazz greats across Indonesia as someone special. He has been living in New York, where he says he’s been progressing in his skill, working with musical legends, and taking his career to the next level. As a kid, he taught himself to play jazz by the age of six, which has certainly paid off — he made history by becoming the youngest ever Grammy nominee in a jazz category (he’s up to a total of three nominations now).

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