The ultimate summer retreat you absolutely deserve

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If you haven’t made any concrete plans for this summer, it’s time to reward yourself with an above-and-beyond pampering experience that you wouldn’t normally give to anyone, let alone yourself. Just to remind you, in case you’ve been overworking, that we’re halfway through 2018.

Speaking of pampering yourself to elegant indulgences, a rooftop bottle service? Not good enough. A 3-star Michelin dinner? You could do better. Someone like you is on the level of an award-winning, beachfront-styled private villa, not to mention a 24-hour butler service, don’t you think?

If you haven’t guessed it, we’re talking about none other than the St. Regis Bali Resort, home to the only private villas with direct access to the finest white sand beach in Nusa Dua, with 5-star accommodation, accompanied by panoramic sea views. It’s a truly exquisite summer retreat, or the perfect romance reignition for couples.

Photo: St. Regis

Each of the St. Regis Bali Resort 81 suites and 42 villas are infused with a residential ambience, where the villas are lavished with direct access to the resort’s azure lagoon, views of the ocean horizon, and unobstructed access to the white sand beach. The extravaganza does not stop; personalized butler service is readily available at your doorstep, making the luxury limousine service to the airport a basic standard for St. Regis.

Photo: St. Regis

When your skin soaks up the sun and your eyes devour the delightful view of Bali, it’s time to treat your palate to St. Regis’ exotic gastronomic bliss. With haute elegance in their DNA, serving refined Asian-inspired recipes and luxury Sunday brunches, the award-winning indoor and open-air dining room Kayuputi also boasts a list of world-class wines and champagnes for guests to appreciate. International cuisine Boneka offers guests some of the most sought after international delicacies, breakfast specials, and Sunday Brunch (Breakfast comes included with all villas and suites bookings).

Photo: St. Regis

Deep in the lush garden lies the colonial-styled Indonesian diner Dulang, with an exceptional atmosphere inviting guests for an enchanting traditional Rijsttafel dinner. For full experience of work-escapism, King Cole Bar’s signature take on Bloody Mary, Bali Mary, is there to match Bali’s tropical vibes. And if you’ve dreamt of the ideal romantic Bali sunset, Vista Bar offers resident-exclusive sunset view seats, complemented by divine cocktails.

Photo: St. Regis

Can you hear your inner self yearning for a majestic experience in Bali? We can. Treat yourself to the highest luxury at The St. Regis Bali Resort. Visit for reservations. It’s time to get your Rimowa luggage out and journey to the Island of Deities like you deserve it.

Bali’s finest address invites you to celebrate its 10 years of service excellence with the Exquisite Ten package. Every moment is the ultimate celebration at The St. Regis Bali Resort. Enjoy complimentary spa treatments, a daily champagne ritual, and breakfast, plus many more privileges. Click here to book your stay now.

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