OMNIA Dayclub just opened on the cliffs of Uluwatu and it looks like paradise on earth

Photo: OMNIA Dayclub Bali


OMNIA Dayclub has thrown open the doors of its first dayclub in Bali, and we’re stoked to get the first look. If you know your global party scene (and we like to think we do) then you’ll know that this is big news. That’s because OMNIA Nightclub is one of the sickest star-studded clubs in Las Vegas. So expect the excitement and energy of a world-class club combined with the laid back beach vibes that you know and love.

What’s it like you ask? Imagine this, you’re on a luxurious pool bed, surrounded by tropical greenery, a cool breeze coming off the Uluwatu cliffs, gazing at the endless Indian Ocean past the tips of your toes. You’re sipping your favorite cocktail and listening to a DJ spinning just the right tunes for the moment.

Better yet, watch and see for yourself below!

Not only does the ambiance feel like paradise, OMNIA Dayclub’s facilities are some of the finest around; from exclusive bungalows with private plunge pools and VIP cabanas, to a swim-up bar and oversized pool beds.

OMNIA Dayclub boasts an extraordinary architectural design that looks, well, unreal. The remarkable design was the collaboration of two renowned firms, WOHA and Rockwell Group. The Cube, as it’s lovingly referred, looks fantastic during the day, but it truly comes to life during the blazing Bali sunset.

While you’re feeding your soul with music and relaxation, don’t forget to feed your body with the amazing menu at OMNIA’s modern Japanese restaurant, Sake no Hana Bali. Each dish is carefully prepared by professional chefs all under the guiding principle of shun, or the “moment of perfection when everything is at its peak.” Indulge yourself with every delectable bite while enjoying the panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. (See, it’s not difficult to imagine your own shun moment at OMNIA, is it?)

We can’t write about OMNIA without writing about music. Be prepared to enjoy epic beats with an ever-changing list of musical talent and astonishing events, from deep house to beachy electro vibes. Watch this space for the program for April, including the official Grand Opening Party of the newest dayclub in Bali.

Can’t wait to celebrate? For more details about OMNIA Dayclub Bali visit or follow them on Facebook.


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