Last chance to donate half your COCO+ membership to Bali Life and support families and children in need

Photo: Bali Life Foundation
Photo: Bali Life Foundation

Since May we’ve been collaborating with Bali Life Foundation so that all new COCO+ members could donate half of their membership fee to the foundation. You might have also noticed that we’ve recently taken down our paywall. Well, our paywall might be gone, but rest assured, our commitment is not. 

June 30 is your last chance to join us in supporting Bali Life with your COCO+ membership. If you’ve recently signed up for COCO+, don’t forget to send an email to with tagline “Bali Life” to inform us of your decision to donate. 

If you haven’t signed up for COCO+, there’s no better time to do so than now. That’s because we’ve removed our paywall and switched to a “pay what you want” model, starting at US$5 per year with no upper limit. In line with this, we’ll now donate 50% of whatever yearly cost you select. 

The Bali Life Foundation strives to aid the people of Bali. They tackle issues such as ensuring families have enough to eat and caring for childrens’ education. With the economic hardship caused by Covid-19, their work is more important than ever. Visit for more information.

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