Gathering of the minds in Ubud: Prepare for some serious inspiration during TEDxUbud


Hold onto your hats and prepare to be insanely inspired next month and hear from some real captivating thinkers and doers. 

The nonprofit independently organized event TEDxUbud is back at it again, preparing to bring us a riveting, fast-paced TED-like experience in Bali. Get ready to laugh, cry, gasp, and applause, because the varied line-up at this year’s gathering is sure to put you through a range of emotions. 

For its fifth-ever meeting, TEDxUbud will see 300 change-makers, innovators, and social pioneers gather at Fivelements on May 28 for a full-day of talks, performances, and interaction. The event will run 10 am to 5 pm and registration opens at 9 am. 

Now there’s a captivated audience! Photo: TEDxUbud

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know those succinct, powerful talks that TED is so famous for, with the tagline ‘ideas worth spreading’. TED of course stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and you can expect all three of those elements to be in play two months from now in Ubud. TEDx events create platforms to get ideas shared in communities around the world and Ubud happens to be one of these lucky communities that has such dedicated people devoted to putting up an event. 

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TEDxUbud is so popular that tickets went on sale in Feb. 15 and were sold-out within just a week and there’s a waiting list for standard tickets—but hey Coconauts, you’re in luck because there are still a few tickets left for Coconuts readers in the “community sponsor” category (but hurry, because there aren’t so many of those!). Click here for tickets.

And for all you mahasiswa out there, a livestream of the event geared towards students will also take place at Rumah Sanur. 

Here’s a video from TEDxUbud’s 2014 event of a Jauk Topeng Manis performance, a classical Balinese solo mask dance to get you in the TED mood: 






UPDATE: TEDxUbud has released a list of its scheduled speakers and performers. Get excited!

  • Marlowe Bandem
  • Ayu Laksmi
  • Dade Akbar
  • Kyle Parsons
  • Shilo Shiv Suleman
  • Susan Tereba
  • Sakdiyah Ma’Ruf
  • Lucia Carbines
  • Emily Penn
  • Sean Borland
  • Catherine Huang
  • Noble Material 
  • Maxwell and Kyla, Bio Bus

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