‘An old lady laughed at my white ass’: American DJ Diplo can’t pay for toilet in Bali, changes pants out in the open (Video)

American DJ Diplo had a show at the Finns Beach Club in Canggu last week. Photos: Facebook and Instagram
American DJ Diplo had a show at the Finns Beach Club in Canggu last week. Photos: Facebook and Instagram

It looks like American DJ Thomas Wesley Pentz, who is more commonly known as Diplo, got to experience an extremely Indonesian thing of not quite having enough change to use the restroom during his visit to Bali last week. 

Those of us living in Indonesia are certainly well-aware that using the restroom in public places across the country sometimes means sparing at least IDR2,000 (US$ 0.14) (though some places charge a little higher if you’re going Number Two). It’s honestly one of those moments when carrying small change comes in super handy. 

But for someone who’s just traveling here, having to carry around rupiah to pay for the toilet might not even register. 

Enter Diplo, who posted a video on Instagram sharing about having to find a secluded corner during his visit to Bali to change his pants, after being denied the restroom for not having any cash with him. 


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“I tried to change but no one let me use their bathroom since I didn’t have any rupiah so I just found an empty corner,” Diplo posted on Instagram. 

It’s all real, all right, as the video showed Diplo walking to a corner and changing into long pants from his shorts, apparently after he badly sunburned his legs from riding on a motorbike with no sunscreen. 

“…but an old lady actually watched me and laughed at my white ass,” Diplo added. 

The 40-year-old DJ seemed pretty chill about having to bare his ass for a few seconds, and even waved at the lady who might have been the one who saw his act. Ever the jokester, the video also showed Diplo pulling off some random dance moves while making his way back. 

We have reached out to Diplo to have a chat about his daring public wardrobe change, and we’ll update this story should we hear back from him.

Well, maybe Diplo’s experience can double up as a PSA for foreigners visiting Indonesia: always carry spare rupiah, preferably in small change, in case you need to use the restroom.


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