You’ve got to try the original banging ice cream creations at this Canggu ‘laboratory’

COCONUTS HOT SPOT — Who could say no to ice cream? Especially when you get to watch the heavenly creamy deliciousness take form right in front of your eyes. 

Creamery over in Berawa is not an ordinary ice cream parlor—it’s an ice cream laboratory! Unlike the usual ice cream making process, Creamery uses liquid nitrogen to rapidly lower the temperature of basic ice cream ingredients like milk, cookie dough, and other yummy stuff. 

This process churns out not only a velvety smooth texture, but a the super cool visual effect. The billowing white smoke that erupts from the row of mixers on the counter totally had us mesmerized. It was like being in a mad scientist’s laboratory—but instead of chemicals, Creamery mixes in all natural goodies. 




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The crowd favorite seems to be the red velvet-cheesecake frosting ice cream sandwich—vanilla ice cream sandwiched between red velvet brownie squares filled with chunky choco chips.



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Red velvet-cheesecake frosting ice cream sandwich

But as far as we’re concerned, we really went gaga over their Redlight Special: cheesecake ice cream with chunks of red velvet cake, red berries, and berry sauce. 



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Red Light Special


Their Cookie Monster—vanilla ice cream with cookie dough, baked chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate sauce—is also decadently delicious. And we certainly don’t mind replacing our morning coffee with their Wake-up Call: coffee ice cream with chocolate chips and dulce de leche caramel sauce. Yum!



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Cookie Monster


The magic-producing white painted shack with its Bali-style thatched roof is not that big of a place, but it’s quite accurately marked on Google maps. That should definitely help non-Canggu residents to find this oasis of yumminess!  




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Creamery Canggu
Jl. Raya Pantai Berawa No. 8 (next to The Piring Daun)

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