Coconuts Bali Reviews

Coconuts Critic's Table reviews are written based on unannounced visits by our writers and paid for by Coconuts Media. These reviews are full length critiques on Bali restaurants, usually hot, new, buzzed about places and fine dining institutions. First and foremost, we write about the food. On the most basic level, how was it? How about the portion sizes? And price per portion? And of course we get into the service. Were the servers on top of their game, welcoming and helpful, or did we feel totally ignored and left to fend for ourselves. It wouldn’t be a proper review if we failed to describe the ambience. Is the place hella crowded and popping with a fun vibe or is it a more intimate candlelit setting with dreamy classical music gently playing in the background? Finally, how do all these elements come together? Would we come back to this restaurant again? We’re not getting paid by any of the restaurants we review to make them sound good, so you know when we write a glowing review, that place is heavenly exceptional.

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