This is what six days on a nutritionist-designed meal plan diet looks like in Bali

I’m a big lover of all things goreng (Indonesian for fried), and someone who regularly skips breakfast and alternates between greasy (but delicious) nasi campur and tacos every day for lunch. So, not exactly the picture of health. But — tied up at home with a hand injury, unable to drive to a scooter or work out ...

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Why buy a car without test driving it? Or in this case, why try a hyped out restaurant in Bali without getting some insight from your trusty, reliable, and CRITICAL food reviewing friends. When we do food reviews at Coconuts Bali, we hold nothing back, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we consider ourselves incredibly fair. You’ll never find us lapping up freebies and then writing a glowing review under coercion. Nah, not our style. Reviews of the food, decor, service, and ambience are written as we see it (or taste it). If something gives us that much sought after “foodgasm”, we’ll let you know and sing that place’s praises. However, if we go somewhere and the food tastes like plastic, you’ll be hearing about that too.