The quick feel-good guide to Bali that’s worth every rupiah



Look no further than Bali, Indonesia, for that getaway trip you desperately seek after months of overtime work and strict spending. And if you’re already in Bali, even better! It’s time to let loose, breathe in fresh air, get in touch with nature, and nurture your mind and body — in a budget-friendly way.

Local taste      

Excite your taste buds but stay away from expensive cuisine. Dig deep in local favorites like sate (you may know it as satay, but Bali’s recipe has a unique twist that we won’t give away just yet), babi guling (slow roasted pork with a crunch), and nasi campur (rice with various savory toppings). Each menu will only set you back roughly US$3, or even less.


Shop ‘til you drop

Before you splash the cash on local markets, try bargaining. Sure, the final price isn’t like shopping at a thrift shop but getting comfy in beach pants for US$4 isn’t too shabby.


Full throttle

Switch from four wheels to two wheels. Get your adrenaline pumping by riding a moped to move around the island. Plus, it’s the fastest way eat your way to the heart of Bali. Hint: it’s merely US$5 per day.


Find your peace

Should you see temples in Bali? It’s a rhetorical question – of course! Cross the world’s famous Gunung Kawi temple off your list. Entry is only a buck. Worth it.


Why don’t you pop in?!

Stay at a place that reflects your fun, adventurous character. Full privacy, absolute cleanliness, hospitable staff, and no worries if you need full-access to wi-fi – all for only US$30 a night. Who does this? POP! Hotels does. Get booking right now at, with 6 locations ready to welcome you in Bali.

And what’s better than exploring Bali at an affordable price? Exploring Bali with a stunning deal of course! Book at any POP! Hotels Bali 3 days or 14 days in advance to get an even sweeter deal with up to 15% discount on top — price starts at IDR245,100, or roughly US$17!

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